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Friday night it started to rain just as the third of six features ended. They attempted to get the next feature started, but after one lap it was apparent the track was too slippery to safely race. The three classes that did not get to run their feature will be running make-up events in the coming weeks.

Jeff Sell made the most of his starting position, first, by leading all twenty laps to take his first win in the PASS 305 Sprinters. The event was slowed by several cautions, including a spin by Mark Watkins, who was running third at the time and looked like a contender for the win. Todd Spangler jumped into second on lap two and ran there the rest of the way. The big mover in the field was young Rodney Westhafer, who came from eleventh to finish third. Ryan Lynn finished fourth and Watkins recovered from his spin to round out the top five. Tyler Bear and Watkins were the heat winners.
As the 305 Sprinters finished it started to rain. The track officials hurried the Thunder Car feature onto the track. But, the rain was too much and the cars began to slip and slide.

PASS 305 Sprint Car: Jeff Sell #98S, Todd Spangler #33T, Rodney Westhafer #44, Ryan Lynn #26, Mark Watkins #17, Logan Wagner #7W, Tyler Bear #25, Ben Naugle #24/7, Stephanie Stephens #20W, Rod Ort #36, Jason Brandt #17B, Matt Mountz #94, Jim Kennedy #7, Gary
Zimmerman #66 Heats: Bear, Watkins

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