Spangler gets complete winNewsPhoto

Todd Spangler picked up his second win of the season at Port Royal, this time he ran the whole race. Spangler picked up the season opener at Port but it was rain shortened. This time Spangler drove a great race coming from the middle of the field to pick up the win after an exciting dual with Logan Wagner who finished second. Reed Thompson ran well finishing 3rd after leading early. Nathan Gramly also came from deep in the field to finish 4th with Jim Kennedy 5th.

Complete run down
1. Todd Spangler, 2. Logan Wagner, 3. Reed Thompson, 4. Nathan Gramley, 5. Jim Kennedy, 6. Joey Hershey, 7. Ryan Lynn, 8. Mark Watkins, 9. Randy Kaylor, 10. Nicole Bitner, 11. Jason Brandt, 12. Brent Comp, 13. Mike Wagner II, 14. Brett Hockenberry, 15. Joe Zapp, 16. Tim Kline, 17. Rodney Westhafer, 18. Ron Farrar, 19. Tyler Bear, 20. Jake Waters, 21. Rodney Peters, 22. Erin Statler, 23. Jim Marquette.DNS- Brian Sweitzer, Mike Alleman, Don Sotosky, Ben Naugle, Cliff Conner, Doug Distasio, Rod Ort.

Heat Race Winners, Peters, Kennedy, Wagner. Consie, Farrar


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