Naugle repaets at Path ValleyNewsPhoto

Heavy afternoon showers brought a halt to most racing action in the south-central Pennsylvania region on Friday night. But the showers ended soon enough for the Path Valley crew to get the clay surface ready for action. In fact, it provided for some of the fastest laps of the season.

Ben Naugle started second in the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Car feature and outran pole-sitter Todd Spangler to grab the lead on lap one. That proved to be the winning move as Naugle led all twenty laps for his second win this year. Naugle?s only concern came as he was moving past a car that was heading for the pit exit. That slowed him just enough for Spangler to catch up and get inside of Naugle. But
once Naugle got his car back under control he quickly pulled away.
Spangler finished second, ahead of Logan Wagner, Steve Whary, and Tyler Bear. Unofficially, Naugle was turning lap times in the eight to nine second range during the feature. Naugle and Spangler were also the heat winners.

PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint: Ben Naugle, Todd Spangler, Logan Wagner, Steve Whary, Tyler Bear, Ryan Lynn, Matt Mountz, Gary Zimmerman,
Rodney Westhafer, Alan Kumpf, Mike Alleman Heats: Naugle, Spangler


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