Fitz wins at HesstonNewsPhoto

The sprints saw Nathan Gramley take the lead at the start with Mike Wagner in second and Richie Fitz in third. The first of two red flags waved on laps two when Joe Biasi got out of shape and collected Craig Myers, Jim Kennedy and Craig Hunter and sending Mel Light flipping off the second turn. No one was hurt in the crash which also saw Light’s car catch fire. Only Myers continued.
The race restarted with Gramley still setting pace but on lap six Fitz came from no where and took the lead from Gramley and set sail. Another red flag waved on lap 11 when Myers and Rod Ort tangled in turn one with both cars flipping wildly through the turn. Again, thankfully there were no injuries. Fitz was able to hold off Gramley for his first win of the season. The top five were: Fitz, Gramley, Todd Spangler, Wagner and Biasi. Heat wins went to Mike Wagner, Richie Fitz and Nathan Gramley.


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