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Team registration for the PA Sprint series has been temporarily closed, The PASprint Series has been an invitation only series since it's inception and after 11 years of successful growth we currently have a strong group of regular competitors and we are reviewing our options for future growth. The series was established to offer competitive and affordable racing and we believe that considerably high car counts will negatively effect the ability for current competitors to realistically make the show at the most desirable races especially given the close competition in the series. We are currently working on our 2010 schedule and reviewing our plans with tracks. We will also be reviewing the 2010 plans of our existing teams and teams that have already registered to ensure that we will continue to have good car counts at all races. Once we have an assessment of this we will consider reopening the registration process with some new restrictions.

New teams will be required to be exclusive with the series. Our cars/motors are very affordable, we don't want teams that have their entire investment in one motor to miss races to a team that can afford to run several.

If we re-open registration new teams may only be able to run Fridays / Sundays and saturdays that are not full fields.

Teams that are considering the series for 2010 should e-mail webmaster@pasprintseries.com ot tom@pasprintseries.com so we can keep you updated on the registration process.


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