Mellott repeats at HesstonNewsPhoto

The sprints took to the track for their 20 lap feature with Rob Mellott and Jim Kennedy on the front row with Mellott taking the lead before a red flew for a flipping DJ Holland. He was not hurt.
On the restart Mellott again took the lead and headed for his second win of the season. While he led from flag to flag, his win wasn’t easy, as first Ritchie Fitz challenged for the lead then it was Chad Myers who moved to second and hounded the leader for the top spot, but it was Mellott who took the win over Myers, Nathan Gramley, Todd Spangler and Tom Worrick. Heat wins were split between Nathan Gramley, Todd Spangler and Chad Myers.
PA 305 Sprints:
1. Rob Mellott; 2. Chad Myers; 3. Nathan Gramley; 4. Todd Spangler; 5. Tom Worrick; 6. Andy Haus; 7. Rodger Irvin; 8. Jim Wentz; 9. Marshall Gogg; 10. Joe Zapp; 11. Lee Cavalet; 12. Ryan Lynn; 13. Jeremy Quick; 14. Rodney Peters; 15. Dusty Shatzer; 16. Richie Fitz; 17. Tim Kline; 18. Ryan Hansen; 19. Mel Light; 20. Reed Thompson; 21. DJ Holland; 22. Jim Kennedy (DQ)


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