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The 2009 annual meeting was Held Saturday with over 40 teams in attendance and several new teams on hand. The meeting once again reviewed the season and recognized individual efforts by several teams as well as awarding some cash prizes generated by t-shirt sponsors to the top ten teams by attendance. The top ten were also awarded gift certificates from Triple X Race Products with a value in excess of $2000.
Tyler Bear topped the “Frequent Contenders” by traveling to every race on the schedule and received the top prize. Bear walked away with an impressive 4 wins in his second year of competition. Mark Watkins also took 4 wins in the series in 2009 as well as the Racesaver National Race. The series had 9 different winners in 21 races in 2009 with multiple wins by several teams including Ben Naugle(3), Todd Spangler (3) Erin Statler (2) Mike Wagner II (2) and Dave Wilson (2)
Series officials reviewed the series and once again expressed the importance to sticking to the original series objective and rules with a constant watch on cost savings and the importance of communication and respect on the race track. The 2010 schedule was reviewed and so far is expected to return to Path Valley for a full schedule along 6 or 7 races expected at Port Royal along with returns to Williams Grove, Lincoln,Susquehanna, Clinton County, Central PA Speedway. The series will also visit one new speedway in 2010 along with hopeful dates at other popular tracks pending the schedule availability of the speedways. An all new speed week-end was proposed with a possible 4 race schedule over the 4th of July weekend which was well received and may soon be announced pending commitments from teams to ensure good counts and an affordable plan for all teams to participate.
The biggest topic of the day addressed the registration process which was temporarily closed several weeks ago to give officials a chance to review concerns about car counts as well as review the process of registration itself. Rod Ort outlined numerous issues that lead up to the closing of registration which included concerns presented by teams, tracks and fair competition. Teams were assured that Active teams would have no restriction on attendance Several ideas and concerns were addressed and a final plan is being put into place. New teams that had contacted the series will be notified this week regarding their individual registrations.


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