Front Row Starters Dominate Path ValleyNewsPhoto

Record and near-record temperatures baked the clay racing surface of
Path Valley Speedway all week long. What moisture was in the clay
quickly went away and with it went the grip that all racers are
seeking. That made passing difficult and put a premium on the
starting position.

A make-up feature for the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Cars started
off the show. Steve Whary and ?Cowboy? Jim Kennedy started on the
front row. But contact between the two on the start left both of them
facing the wrong way. Rodney ?The Hoss? Westhafer inherited the pole
position for the restart and he took full advantage. Westhafer led
every lap to claim his first win at Path Valley in the 305 Sprints.
Teammates Matt Mountz and Joe Smith finished second and third. Ben
Naugle finished fourth and Ryan Lynn in fifth. Kennedy won the heat
race on July 9th.

Ryan Lynn now has a new personal best for wins in a season in the PA
Sprint Series 305 Sprint Cars. Lynn started first and led every lap
to capture his third win this year. Tyler Bear, Joe Smith, and Matt
Mountz started and finished second, third, and fourth respectively.
Steve Whary completed the top five. Heat wins went to Whary and
Marcus Defreitas.

PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint (make-up from 7/9): 1.Rodney Westhafer
(Mechanicsburg, PA), 2.Matt Mountz, 3.Joe Smith, 4.Ben Naugle, 5.Ryan
Lynn, 6.Steve Whary, 7.Jim Kennedy, 8.Tyler Bear
Lap leaders: Rodney Westhafer (1-20)
Heat (on 7/9): Kennedy

PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint: 1.Ryan Lynn (Hollidaysburg, PA), 2.Tyler
Bear, 3.Joe Smith, 4.Matt Mountz, 5.Steve Whary, 6.Marcus Defreitas,
7.Jim Kennedy, 8.Rodney Westhafer, 9.Ben Naugle, 10.Don Sotosky DNS:
Gary Zimmerman
Lap leaders: Ryan Lynn (1-20)
Heats: Whary, Defreitas


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