Watkins wins 2 in one nightNewsPhoto

Mark Watkins was the first ever to pick up 2 wins in one evening Saturday night. He was followed to the finish in both races by Reed Thompson. Watkins first won the make-up feature from July 17th followed by Logan Wagner, Rodney Westhafer and Nathan Gramley. Then Watkins repeated the effort in the regularly scheduled feature event once again followed by Thompson then Joe Zap, Dave Youtzy and Brian Walker.
1. Mark Watkins, 2. Reed Thompson, 3. Joe Zapp, 4. Dave Youtzy, 5. Brian Walker, 6. Jason Bergstresser, 7. Brent Comp, 8. Erin Statler, 9. Nathan Gramley, 10. Jim Marquette, 11. Logan Wagner, 12. Mike Wagner, II, 13. Jeff Sell, 14. Cliff Conner, 15. Jake Waters, 16. Tyler Bear, 17. George Riden, 18. Brian Sweitzer, 19. Tom Worrick, 20. Ryan Lynn, 21. Cowboy Jim Kennedy, 22. Brad Baxter, 23. Rodney Westhafer, 24. Rod Ort, 25. Ben Naugle, 26. Billy Ney. DNS- Mike Freet, Steve Whary, Nicole Miller, Randy Kaylor, Scott Kerschner, Ricky Leonard. Heat Race Winners, Gramley, Riden, Logan Wagner. Lap Leader, Watkins, 1-20. MAKE UP 20 LAP PA 305 SPRINT CAR FEATURE-34 ENTRIES 1. Mark Watkins, 2. Reed Thompson, 3. Logan Wagner, 4. Rodney Westhafer, 5. Nathan Gramley, 6. Jeff Sell, 7. Joe Zap, 8. Ryan Lynn, 9. Tyler Bear, 10. Jim Marquette, 11. George Riden, 12. Cliff Conner, 13. Ricky Leonard, 14. Rod Ort, 15. Mike Wagner, II., 16. Scott Kerschner, 17. Billy Ney, 18. Don Slack, 19. Brian Walker, 20. Jason Bergstresser, 21. Steve Whary, 22. Mike Freet, 23. Randy Kaylor, 24. Nicole Miller. DNS- Ben Naugle, Tim Kline, Gary Zimmerman, Dave Youtzy, Cowboy Jim Kennedy, Brent Comp, Jake Waters, Tom Spangler, Rodney Peters, Erin Statler. Lap Leaders, Thompson, 1-5, Watkins, 6-20.8/22


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