A late start at Hesston, Wagner winsNewsPhoto

As the sun went down on Saturday, August 28th, we should have been running hot laps but with the temperature change and the additives in the racetrack, that was not the case. We were several hours running the track in but it made for the smoothest and tackiest track in the entire 2010 season at Pennsylvania’s toughest bullring. We had 73 teams in the pits patiently waiting for the call, “Let’s go boys, its time to race”. As we were able to begin hot laps around 10:30pm, it made for a late night but the action was intense.
The 305 Sprints made their second appearance at Hesston Speedway on Saturday night with 20 entries. Mike Wagner (#55) and Logan Walters (#10) claimed the heat event victories. A heads‐up, 20 lap feature event was on the grid. Wagner and Walters paced the field to the green. Wagner took the early command and would not look back. Walters and Jim Kennedy (#7) trailed in the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. Only 1 yellow flag would wave on lap 8 for left front
flat on the machine of Joe Zap (#33z). Zap retired for the night. Wagner took the checkered as Walters, Kennedy, #17, and Reed Thompson (#6) rounded out the top 5.
LAP LEADERS: Mike Wagner (55) laps 1‐20
CAUTIONS: 1 – lap 12
HARD CHARGER: Erin Statler
Troy Campbell photo


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