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PASS had 3 entries with last Years winner Mark Watkins involved in an early wreck. Ryan Lynn and Erin Statler were also on hand.

The 12th Annual RaceSaver Nationals ended up being one of the most exciting to date as lap after lap the dicing for positions kept the fans on their feet. The grand marshall for this event was JV Brotherton of Brodix Cylinder Heads of Mena, Ark. Heats started the night with John Matrifailo, Satch Worley and Ray Evernham taking those before it was off to the Brodix dash for the top qualifiers which was won by Jeff Van Steenburg. John Matrifailo and Brian Lawson paced the fifty lap feature and first out was Matrifailo with everybody right with him because a full field of cars on the quick Fork Mountain Raceway it means catching traffic really quick. Matrifailo looked strong for the first twenty laps moving through taffic and keeping the lead just by inches but just about halfway he was slipping up and Brian Lawson and front bunch went by. Lawson was leading now but the race for second on back was changing every foot and with fifteen to go it was a fight to the finish with Lawson, Evernham, Van Steenburg, Matrifailo and Humphries just having at it. Humphries went low off turn four with a few laps to go and went to the front leaving Lawson to duel with Evernham and Matrifailo right behind. Humphries raced under the waving checkered flag with Evernham, Lawson and Matrifailo right behind. At the line it was Tom Humpries, Ray Evernham, Brian Lawson, John Matrifailo, Satch Worley, Tony Harris, Glenn Worrell, Jerald Harris, Daren Bolac, John Snead, Anthony Linkenhoker, Carl Simmonds, Scott Vasbinder, Ryan Lynn, Eric Keck, Erin Statler, Keith Laird, Jeff Van Steenburg, Billy Norfleet, Brian Morgan, Chris Ware, Ron Moyers and Mark Watkins.


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