Watkins goes 3 for 3 at SuskyNewsPhoto

Mark Watkins picked up the win Saturday at Susquehanna going 3 for 3 at Susquehanna this year. It wasn't exactly easy for Watkins as he held off challenges by Ryan Lynn that had fans on their feet. Nathan Gramley was 3rd with Brian Walker 4th after starting deep in the field and Logan Wagner 5th.

The series moves to Path Valley next weekend for a regular Friday Show and Saturdays "Nationals".

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Mark Watkins; 2. Ryan Lynn; 3. Nathan Gramley; 4. Brian Walker; 5. Logan Walker; 6. Steve Whary; 7. Reed Thompson; 8. Randy Kaylor; 9. Dave Youtzy; 10. Mike Wagner II; 11. Rodney Westhafer; 12. Todd Spangler; 13. Joe Zapotoczny; 14. Rod Ort; 15. Erin Statler; 16. Scott Kershner; 17. Rocky Magaro; 18. Tom Worrick; 19. Gary Zimmerman; 20. Justin Zapotoczny; 21. Dave Wilson; 22. Tyler Lebo; 23. Jim Kennedy.
FEATURE LAP LEADER: Whary (1, 4); Watkins (2-3, 5-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Watkins; Wagner II and Thompson.


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