Mike Wagner takes Port Royal winNewsPhoto

The 305 sprint feature saw Mike Wagner II., start second in his 20 lap feature and lead all the way for his third victory ever at the track.

Tyler Bear took over second late in the race and despite getting a clear shot at Wagner on a restart, failed to mount a challenge for the victory.

Kody Lehman was third followed by ninth starter Joey Hershey and Nathan Gramley.

Heats went to Billy Nye, Bear and Lehman with the consolation going to George Riden.

305 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Mike Wagner, II., 2. Tyler Bear, 3. Kody Lehman, 4. Joey
Hershey, 5. Nathan Gramley, 6. Randy Kaylor, 7. Mark Watkins, 8. Joe Zap, 9. Brian
Sweitzer, 10. Tom Worrick, 11. Reed Thompson, 12. Billy Nye, 13. Joe Smith, 14.
Nicole Walker, 15. John Byers, 16. Logan Wagner, 17. Jake Waters, 18. Jason Brandt,
19. Scott Kerschner, 20. Erin Statler, 21. George Riden, 22. Kyle Lloyd, 23. Jason
Bergstresster, 24. Brent Comp


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