Rookie Kyle Reinhardt Races to Regionals WinNewsPhoto

With thirty three cars signed in for the first RaceSaver inter-regional
event it would not be an easy task for anybody just to make the show
but Neptune City NJ TSRS rookie Kyle Reinhardt showed the field he was
up to the task and then some by taking the win in the first ever
RaceSaver Inter-Regional event. Heats were first up with Logan
Wagner, Tyler Bear and Stephanie Stevens taking wins with the B main
win to Rod Ort before it was off to the feature. Reinhardt had good
luck for the feature start after a first lap spin in his heat saw him
restart last he raced to third and after a three car inversion from the
heat finishes he started on the pole. Jeff Geiges joined Reinhardt on
the front row for the start with Reinhardt out first at the flag and
showing the bottom was the place to be. As the feature laps clicked off
Reinhardt stayed smooth and on the bottom as Geiges stayed close with
Mark Watkins third. With yellow closing the field up with five to go
everybody had a final at the front but Reinhardt was up to the
challenge and raced under the checkered flag first with Geiges close
behind. At the line it was
Kyle Reinhardt, Jeff Geiges, Mark Watkins, Brian Walker, Sean Campbell,
Dusty Shatzer, Mike Wagner II, Scott Kerschner, Matt Mountz, Bob Sandt
jr., Staphanie Stevens, Erin Statler, Jerald Harris, Brian Lawson, Tom
Humphries, Jeff Taylor, Ryan Lynn, Kyle LLoyd, Tyler Bear, Darren
Bolac, Rod Ort, Chris Allen, Joe Smith and Logan Wagner. Did not
transfer Anthony Linkenhoker, Stephanie Palmai, Tony Harris, Carl
Simmonds, Billy Case, Cody Lehman, Ian Detweiler, Billy Norfleet and
Randy Kaylor.


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