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Apoligies for the late posting, I was on a cruise and due to other issues I used up all of my (expensive) internet time and was unable to post

305 sprints, 15 laps: 1. Tyler Bear, 2. Billy Ney, 3. Jason Bergstresser, 4. Tom Worrick Jr., 5. Nathan Gramley, 6. Matt Mountz, 7. Steve Kennawell, 8. Ryan Lynn, 9. Erin Statler, 10. Brian Walker, 11. Kody Lehman, 12. Dusty Shatzer, 13. JimKennedy, 14. Mike Wagner II., 15. Brent Comp, 16. Briain Sweitzer, 17. Randy Kaylor, 18. Nicole Walker, 19. Scott Kerschner, 20. Justin Zap, 21. Rodney Peters, 22. Ian Detweiler, 23. Reed Thompson, 24. Kyle Lloyd, 25. Joe Smith

The start of the 305 sprint main was marred by a crash at the end of the frontstretch that collected nine cars.

Once the race got underway only caution flags could slow Bear down as he dominated for the 15-lap victory.

Billy Ney was second followed by Jason Bergstresser, Tom Worrick Jr. and Nathan Gramley.

Sixth through 10th was Matt Mountz, Steve Kennawell, Ryal Lynn, Erin Statler and Brian Walker.

Heats were won by Ney, Tom Worrick Jr. and Bergstresser.


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