Brian Walker Wins at Dog HollowNewsPhoto

Brian Walker picked up the win Sunday at Dog Hollow Speedway. This was the first appearance for the PA Sprint Series at Dog Hollow.

The staff and promoton of Dog Hollow has asked to pass along their appreciation to the field that assembled Sunday for the rain delayed event. 21 cars were on hand including several competitors from Western PA as Dog Hollow will be establishing their own Racesaver Region in 2012.

Racesaver 305 Sprints (21 cars): Brian Walker, Carl Bowser, Ryan Lynn, Roger Irvine, Dusten Shatzer, Dan Shetler, “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy, Rodney Peters, Skip Daugherty, Steve Kenawell, Tom Warrick, Jr., Todd Lynn, Don Sotosky, Jim Marquette, Andrew Hake, Nathan Gramley, Todd Lynn, Justin Zap, Reed Thompson, Robbie Bartchy,
Nicole Walker.


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