Considerable growth in 2012NewsPhoto

Our 2012 Schedule is nearly ready as we are finalizing dates from 1 or 2 tracks. The popularity of our affordable series has garnered significant interest this year and currently it's possible that will double our active roster for 2012. Currently we have nearly 50 active registered teams but at this point we have 25 teams that have interviewed and are currently preparing cars for competition. Additionally at least 20 teams are registered and have yet to schedule their interviews.
It is very important that teams realize that there is limited time available for engine tech and teams should be prepared for a backlog of tech inspection dates. Additionally teams that have not interviewed or registered must realize that you need to interview prior to engine inspection. Our registration process outlines this procedure.
We’re very pleased with the response and look forward to a busy 2012 as we introduce numerous new teams to sprint car racing.


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