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The PASprintSeries has released their 2012 schedule with an impressive schedule of 40 dates including races at most popular central pa speedways like Williams Grove, Port Royal Susquehanna Speedway Park and Lincoln along with biweekly events scheduled at Clinton county Speedway. 2012 will show considerable growth for the series as the active roster has increased from about 50 cars to an expected count exceeding 80 cars.
Consistency is the key for the series which utilizes the RaceSaver® national formula in a region rich with sprint car divisions. The PA Sprint series is a Racesaver regional series and working class racers have been attracted from all walks of life to join the series, most of which have never raced sprint cars before. “Many of our new teams come from racing other than sprint cars, many of them never raced before” explains Rod Ort who volunteers with the series. “We take great care to interview each team prior to investing in equipment as part of their invitation process. We’re in a region that is arguably the hotbed of sprint car racing in the country. Several local tracks have been very supportive in giving us dates over the years and they need to be sure that we’re not trying to replace the premier divisions in Sprint cars”
In fact the series is creating resurgence in interest and participation.
“By giving recreational racers a series to run and sticking to strict rules and an affordable purse we’re filling a niche that allows younger drivers to develop talent alongside weekend racers of all ages” explained Ort.
“We’re protecting racers from costs that spiral when rules are not enforced. By staying consistent our teams can trust that their investment will be solid for years to come”. A Racesaver team can typically sell their engine for the same amount they paid coming in and move on to 358’s, 360’s or 410’s. Others will pocket the cash and walk away knowing they were a sprint car racer.
Many teams stay for many years.
“Our web site features info on every team and you can see on the list the teams that have been dedicated for many years. We’re like a big family having fun on the weekends.”
The fun continues in 2012.
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