Social media and even the legitimate media have sometimes misunderstood some important points about our series we want to make sure you know the facts

By invitation only
This is a fact. We’re a volunteer organization with a specific purpose – recreational racing. We don’t have any fees to join we only require that you meet with us first face to face with one person(not six) where we make sure that you understand the rules before you invest.

We don’t allow outside participation
False – Our active roster is reserved for teams in a practical radius to race with us. RacSaver teams from other areas have several options if they wish to visit, we make that clear on our web site in the rules section.

358/360 & 410 Drivers need not apply
False – Any racer in our area that wants to consider the series is welcome to register, we’ll talk to anyone. If you already have a regular ride in another sprint car division and only plan to drop an engine in and show up at a few races we’ll probably encourage that you keep supporting that division. If you plan to run primarily with us and race another division on occasion we’re fine with that. Racers that race against us on a given night can be handicapped at future events so this is another important topic when we meet with each new team.

We really don’t want a lot of cars
False – we’ve never had a focus on car count EVER. We want an environment of racers that race when they can. Nobody is required to race. PASS has survived as an organization for 13 years by telling track they’ll get whoever shows up. Whether its 7 cars or 35. All of our tracks are very happy with our participation Our example has helped to develop regions in New York, New Jersey and now Western PA. Our roster is close to 100 teams and most of which were introduced to sprint cars and have ADDED to the landscape in central PA.

We are the 305’s
False - We are RaceSaver Sprints. A concept established by French Grimes which has grown to over 600 cars nationally. Or region is the Pennsylvania Sprint Series “PASS” The engines are based on a 305 engine but the size limit is actually larger. What is the limit? If you’re interested in racing with us we’ll make sure you know at your interview. If you’re not going to race with us it probably doesn’t matter does it?


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