Ryan Lynn Wins at Path ValleyNewsPhoto

In the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint feature Eric Parker started second
and drove around pole-sitter Lance Newlin to grab the lead on lap one.
Newlin and Tim Dietz were closing in on Parker when Newlin spun out
exiting turn four on lap nine. On the restart Dietz passed Parker and
began to pull away. Ryan Lynn passed Parker for second on lap twelve,
but was several seconds behind Dietz. As Dietz was going thru turn
one on lap fifteen his engine left out a puff of smoke and shut-off,
giving the lead to Lynn. Lynn led the remaining laps to claim the
checkers. Parker held on to second, ahead of Steve Kenawell, Kyle
Lloyd, and Scott Ellerman. Heat race victors were Mark Watkins and
Tyler Bear.

305 Sprint: 1.Ryan Lynn (Hollidaysburg, PA), 2.Eric Parker, 3.Steve
Kenawell, 4.Kyle Lloyd, 5.Scott Ellerman, 6.Mark Watkins, 7.Jim
Kennedy, 8.Lance Newlin, 9.Tim Dietz, 10.Justin Zapotoczny, 11.Tyler
Bear, 12.Randy Kaylor DNS: Marcus Defreitas
Lap Leaders: Eric Parker (1-8), Tim Dietz (9-14), Ryan Lynn (15-20)
Heats: Mark Watkins, Tyler Bear


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