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Former 600cc micro-sprint driver Kody Lehman came from seventh starting spot to claim his first career win in the PASS 305 sprint car feature. Lehman, from Enola, advanced through the field to the runner-up spot by lap six. From there, he chased down Ryan Lynn, who took the lead from polesitter Tim Dietz on lap two.

The caution came out as Lehman appeared to be setting up for a pass on Lynn in turns three and four of lap 19, but the caution came out, forcing Lehman to settle for the restart. No matter. Lehman drove under Lynn on the restart, and pulled away to a 1.23-second win at the finish.

Lynn settled for second, with Mike Wagner II, 15th-starting Bill Ney, and Tyler Lebo completing the top five.

Logan Wagner, who started second, pulled up lame in turn two of the opening lap, ending his night.

Heats for the 28 PASS �305� Sprints on hand were won by Kyle Lloyd, George Riden, and Logan Wagner, with Freddy Rahmer winning the consolation.

Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 47K-Kody Lehman; 2. 26-Ryan Lynn; 3. 55-Mike Wagner, II; 4. 83-Billy Ney; 5. 35-Tyler Lebo; 6. 17T-Jeff Taylor; 7. 99-George Riden; 8. 9-Dalton Dietrich; 9. 51-Freddy Rahmer; 10. 2-Erin Statler; 11. 39-Eric Parker; 12. 4B-Jason Bergstresser; 13. 10-Jake Waters; 14. 86-Ron Aurand; 15. 70L-Kyle Lloyd; 16. 77-Andrew Hake; 17. 18D-Tim Dietz (DNF); 18. 8-Randy Kaylor (DNF); 19. 24-Lance Newlin (DNF); 20. 16M-Craig Myers (DNF); 21. 76-Jim Kennedy (DNF); 22. 20-Chad Myers (DNF); 23. 7W-Logan Wagner (DNF); 24. 1K-Scott Ellerman (DNS). No time.

Lap Leaders � Tim Dietz (1); Ryan Lynn (18); Kody Lehman (19-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 70L-Kyle Lloyd; 2. 35-Tyler Lebo; 3. 26-Ryan Lynn; 4. 55-Mike Wagner, II; 5. 9-Dalton Dietrich; 6. 2-Erin Statler; 7. 51-Freddy Rahmer; 8. 86-Ron Aurand; 9. 10-Jake Waters; 10. 77-Andrew Hake. Time � 2:06.02

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 99-George Riden; 2. 8-Randy Kaylor; 3. 18D-Tim Dietz; 4. 1K-Scott Ellerman; 5. 4B-Jason Bergstresser; 6. 16M-Craig Myers (DNF); 7. 76-Jim Kennedy (DNF); 8. 36-Mark Watkins (DNF); 9. 18-Ian Detweiler (DNF). No Time

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 7W-Logan Wagner; 2. 24-Lance Newlin; 3. 17T-Jeff Taylor; 4. 47K-Kody Lehman; 5. 83-Billy Ney; 6. 39-Eric Parker; 7. 20-Chad Myers; 8. 007-Joey Wenger; 9. 57J-Jeff Miller. Time � 2:08.31

Consolation (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 51-Freddy Rahmer; 2. 76-Jim Kennedy; 3. 10-Jake Waters; 4. 20-Chad Myers; 5. 77-Andrew Hake; 6. 86-Ron Aurand (DNF); 7. 57J-Jeff Miller (DNF); 8. 007-Joey Wenger (DNF); DNS � 36-Mark Watkins, 18-Ian Detweiler. No Time


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