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Virginia Sprint Series
RaceSaver Regional race CRSA, PASS, TSRS, VSS
Race # 11 Saturday July 7th 2012
RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Series
Lincoln Speedway Abbottstown, Pa.

Logan Wagner Lightning at Lincoln

Lightning was in the sky as storms passed by Lincoln Speedway Saturday
night but Logan Wagner was lightning on the track as he topped the
thirty eight cars on hand to win the RaceSaver Eastern Regional event
feature. Heats kicked off the night with Kyle Lloyd, Logan Wagner and
Billy Ney taking wins with Brock Bilgon winning the consi race to fill
the field. Kyle Lloyd and Logan Wagner paced the field to the green
with Wagner inching ahead to lead lap one and showing he had a fast car
and knew the fast line. Lloyd stayed tight on Wagner with Ney third but
Ney got by and set off after Wagner as Lloyd began to fad allowing Kody
Lehman to third David Martin fourth. After a quick yellow for a couple
spinners it gave the group a last chance to go after Wagner and they
did with Ney right on him and the whole field a freight train behind.
Shatzer made it to fourth on the restart as Wagner, Ney and Lehman were
all nose to tail. Wagner stayed strong as he had all night and with
the checkered flag was waving he speed under it to his first RaceSaver
series win of the year. At the line it was Logan Wagner, Billy Ney,
Kody Lehman, Dusty Shatzer, David Martin, Brian Carber, Gabe Fox,
Stefanie Palmai, Scott Ellerman, Joey Allen, George Loux, Dalton
Dietrich, Jeff Taylor, Lance Newlin, Brock Bilgon, George Riden, Eric
Parker, Erin Statler, Darren Bolac, Kyle Lloyd, Frank Lieto, Craig
Rochelle, Randy Kaylor and Jim Kennedy.
did not transfer Ed Newhauser, Keith McIntyre, Mark Watkins, Emily
VonInwegen, Tyler Reever, Brian Lawson, Carl Simmonds, Tim Dietz, Rick
Hoffman, Paul Snyder, Bruce Kinberg, Joey Wenger, Mike Wagner II and
Sean Campbell.

The four RaceSaver regions were represented at the Lincoln race were
the Pa. Sprint Series, Virginia Sprint Series, Tri-State RaceSavers and
CRSA New York region.
Thanks to all the racers for making the trip and a great race event.

Thank you for your support Jim Haines Virginia Sprint Series

RaceSaver Sprint Series
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