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The deadline has passed for early registration and we'll be selecting our gauranteed starters next week at Port Royal, we'll also announce the longest traveler.

Before we do that we want all early registrants to make sure they are on the list below so we are sure that everyone is considered. If you pre-registered and do not see your name on the list please contact Rod immediately.

Current counts
PASS - 15
Erin Statler, Mark Watkins, Jake Waters, Nicole walker, alex schantz,tom worrick jr, Lance Newlin, Eric Parker, Jim Marquette, Tyler Reeser, Mike Wagner II, Ryan Lynn, Logan Wagner,Dusty Shatzer, REED THOMPSON

TSRS - 6
Sean Campbell, KEITH MCINTYRE JR, bruce kindberg, jeff schall , Brian Pomponio, Phillip Meisner

CRSA - 2
Jeff Vansteenburg, Dan Hennessy

VSS - 1
Daren Bolac

Teams can still pre-register until September 15th and be eligible for the free pit pass.


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