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Clinton County closed out it's 2012 racing season Friday with Mike Koehler picking up his second win of the season. The remaining dates for the track were cancelled for 2012 and the track has expressed they would like feedback for 2013. PASS Support for this the initial season has been good and we have several more cars being built in the area, the next several weeks will be important in deciding a direction for the track in 2013, we encourage everyone to watch the Clinton county web site for updates.

Dotterer Equipment 305 Sprints (11 Entries) 22K Mike Koehler, 23 Nathan Gramley, 57 Jeff Miller, 6R Reed Thompson, 5B Chuck Brion, 94 Dave Shirk, 35B Derrick Bowersox, 1ST Eric Mathiot, 47 Tom Warrick, 12R Rod Shelley(DNS), 86 Ron Aurand(DNS)


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