Logan Wagner Takes SSP FinaleNewsPhoto

On Friday night, Logan Wagner took the lead on lap 3 from Kody Lehman to win the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature event. Tim Dietz finished in the runner-up spot, followed by Lehman in third. Derrick Bowersox and George Riden rounded out the top five. Sean Campbell, Tyler Lebo and Wagner won their respective heat races.

PA Sprint Series Feature - Friday (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Tim Dietz; 3. Kody Lehman; 4. Derrick Bowersox; 5. George Riden; 6. Erin Statler; 7. Sean Campbell; 8. Mark Watkins; 9. Paul Snyder; 10. Rick Homan; 11. Dusty Shatzer; 12. Craig Myers; 13. Brock Bilger; 14. Jake Waters; 15. Anthony Fiore; 16. Nathan Gamely; 17. Tyler Lebo; 18. Eric Parker; 19. Tyler Reeser; 20. Andrew Hake; 21. Alex Schanz; DNS � Jim Kennedy.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lehman (1-2); Wagner (3-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Campbell; Lebo and Wagner.


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