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I noticed today that several items were dropped from the web site. I'm looking into what was lost as I don't want to restore from an earlier date there have been numerous updates this week. Below is what I have from the meeting minutes, I'll try to find and repost my team stuff tonight

Saturday representatives from 29 teams gathered for the PASS annual meeting at the Red Zone Bar and Grill. The meeting once again featured an overview of the series for new and existing teams. As well as a review of 2012 and look forward to 2013. Steve O’Neal was on hand as a special guest and gave us an oversight of the Central PA tire rule and update teams on Port Royal plans.
After a quick overview of the interview procedure and a review of RaceSaver® procedures the presentation focused on an impressive 2012 that saw little disciplinary problems and plenty of competition including 16 winners in 26 races.
The first ever PASS Pick 10 results were presented with top finishers gaining prizes and coupons from Pancho’s Racing. Tyler Bear took the top spot and will be officially recognized at Pancho’s open house on November 10th. It was also announced that the program may be simplified for 2013 and teams should keep an eye on the web site for an explanation pending clearance from RaceSaver® The web site will also be updated in 2013 with Drivers photos.
No rule changes were announced as RaceSaver® national rules have stood the test of time. Any updates to procedures or local variances will be presented at the beginning of 2013 but no changes are expected. The series utilizes RaceSaver® national rules and each team is required to sign a waiver each year that explains how the rules are implemented and local procedures such as requiring mufflers and typical release of liability.
The 2013 schedule was also previewed with a very similar schedule expected for 2013 and including some additional dates at popular tracks. The full schedule will not be announced until it’s finalized and released by the individual tracks. The series will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2013 and sponsors are encouraged to keep an eye on for opportunities to participate.
Following the meeting there was a question and answer period and Steve O’Neal gave an outline of the Central PA tire rule that is expected to be implemented this year so teams could understand clearly. RaceSaver® does not have or support a spec tire nor does PASS. Teams were informed that PASS would not participate in the program unless required and that they should keep an eye on the teams only section of the web site for any official developments on the matter. O’neal also reviewed the popular Keystone RaceSaver® challenge and took feedback for the 2013 event which is being worked out.
The meeting concluded with numerous door prizes provided by Aero Wings including several of their manufactured items such as axles, wing trees, w-links etc. Two new teams were interviewed.
Fans are encouraged to keep an eye on our web site over the winter for new developments and teams should also check the teams only section of the web site for updates. New teams interested in the series are encouraged to inquire on-line and get scheduled for one of the 2 remaining dates this year for scheduled interviews. Racing in in PASS is by invitation as all teams must meet with a committee member to ensure that all rules are understood and any questions or expectations are addressed.


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