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I'm excited to finally publish our new web site celebrating our 15th anniversary. It's been almost 10 years since we've had a complete refresh on the web site so we were past due on numerous house cleaning items. The site now features a "responsive" design which should transform the site and make it easier to read on phones and tablets. Naturally I haven't tested this on all devices yet so there are sure to be some tweaks once we get some feedback.

Our new web page features most of the old features and includes some new ones. Teams will now have a driver photo in addition to the ability to update their own car photo. We have several advertising opportunities if you wish to advertise with us a well. Just click on one of the sponsor icons to learn more. Our 15th Anniversary schedule is also taking shape. Technically all dates are tentative as we haven't received paperwork back from most tracks and we still have our Friday schedule to publish once we get firm Dates from Clinton County.

Naturally there will be bugs with the web page so we appreciate your patience. The web page is completely built custom so everything needs to be tested. Please use our contact page and e-mail if you have questions. We cleaned out tons of old un used files and photos from old classified ads and due to the transition some of the data and team updates may be missing, just let me know I still have back-ups


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