Logan Wagner wins SSP openerNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature, Freddie Rahmer grabbed the early lead with Alex Schanz waking the top spot away on lap 6. Matt Mountz made it a three car battle for the lead until lap 8 when a lapped car spun in front of the lead pack collecting Rahmer in the melee. On the restart, Mountz took the lead from Schanz and continued to lead the pack midway through the race. On lap 15, Logan Wagner blasted into the lead coming all the way from a 9th place starting position. Wagner held on to take his first checkers of the season at SSP. Mountz finished in the runner-up spot with Schanz coming across the line in third. Scott Ellerman and rim-rider George Riden rounded out the top five. Logan Wagner, Billy Ney and Mike Wagner II won their respective heat races. Ian Detweiler won the consolation race.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Matt Mountz; 3. Alex Schanz; 4. Scott Ellerman; 5. George Riden; 6. John Braim; 7. Kody Lehman; 8. Craig Myers; 9. Erin Statler; 10. Dalton Dietrich; 11. Mark Watkins; 12. Andrew Hake; 13. Cobly Dice; 14. Tyler Reeser; 15. Mike Koehler; 16. Marcus Defreitas; 17. Freddie Rahmer; 18. Ian Detweiler; 19. Tyler Lebo; 20. Lance Newlin; 21. Scott Gobrecht; 22. Billy Ney; 23. Mike Wagner II; 24. Russell Hammaker; DNQ – Gary Zimmerman; Zack Newlin; Eric Parker; Brandon Rahmer.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Rahmer (1-5); Schanz (6-8); Mountz (9-14); L. Wagner (15-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: L. Wagner; M. Wagner II and Ney.


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