Bergstresser Takes first career win at SSPNewsPhoto

Jason Bergstresser picked up his first win ever Saturday night at Susquehanna Speedway. Bergstresser came to the victory on a flat right rear tire. Congratulations to Jason. The write up from he event is below

In the PA Sprint Series 20-lap feature event, Mike Wagner II took the early lead from the pole position. Jason Bergstresser followed in second with Craig Myers in third throughout the race. During the waning stages, Wagner opened up a half straightaway lead until laps 15 when Wagner spun on the backstretch, retiring him from the race. Runner-up Bergstresser inherited the lead. On the restart, Bergstresser led with Myers in tow. With two to go, Lehman brought out the yellow with a flat tire while running third. At the finish, Bergstresser finished two car lengths ahead of Wagner to claim his first SSP career victory. Freddie Rahmer made a last lap pass to claim third place over Mark Watkins. Ryan Lynn rounded out the top five. Mike Wagner, Jason Bergstresser and Kody Lehman were the heat race winners.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Jason Bergstresser; 2. Craig Myers; 3. Freddie Rahmer; 4. Mark Watkins; 5. Ryan Lynn; 6. Erin Statler; 7. John Braim; 8. Colby Dice; 9. Logan Wagner; 10. Lance Newlin; 11. Roger Irvine; 12. George Riden; 13. Tyler Reeser; 14. Tyler Lebo; 15. Scott Ellerman; 16. Andrew Hake; 17. Paul Snyder; 18. Ian Detweiler; 19. Dalton Dietrich; 20. Russell Hammaker; 21. Kody Lehman; 22. Mike Wagner II; 23. Eric Parker; 24. Brandon Rahmer; DNS – Derrick Bowersox.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Wagner II (1-15); Bergstresser (16-20).

HEAT RACE WINNER: M. Wagner II; Bergstresser and Lehman.


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