Wagner wins, Shantz sidelinedNewsPhoto

Logan Wagner pickup up the win Saturday at Hill valley speedway in an exciting race passing leader Ryan Lynn with just a few laps left. There were 16 cars on hand for the event, Alex Shantz was injured in a crash during the racing last night and was later taken to the hospital. He chipped 3 vertebrae's and fractured one as well. Alex is going to see back specialist Monday morning but the doctor this morning said he won't be racing anytime soon. The Shantz team would like to thank the teams that checked up on him and helped load up last night.

1. #7w Logan Wagner, 2. #26 Ryan Lynn, 3. #44 John Braim, 4. #23 Nathan Gramely, 5. #33z Joe Zap, 6. #2 Erin Statler, 7. #35B Derick Bowersox, 8. #27 Brett Hockenberry, 9. #55 Mike Wagner II, 10. #75 Dustin Shatzer, 11. #7 Jim Kennedy, 12. #17k Steve Kenawell, 13. #R6 Reed Thompson, 14. #3J Jack Thornton, 15. #44G Scott Gobrecht, 16. #59 Alex Schanz. Heat race winners: #2 Erin Statler and #26 Ryan Lynn.


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