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PASS teams did well and had a great time this weekend at the RaceSaver Nationals. Steve Steve Kenawell set fast time and Kody Lehman and Mark Watkins both had second place finishes as the format was altered due to threatening weather.

Here is the complete write-up from VSS

Virginia Sprint Series
presented by National Guard
Race #4 Friday May 17th and Saturday May18th
RaceSaver IMCA Mid-Atlantic division
14th Annual RaceSaver Nationals
Fork Mountain Raceway Bassett, Va.
Jerald Harris and Daren Bolac
Share the Wins after Weather Doesn't
The 14 Annual RaceSaver Nationals ended up being a display of great sprint car racing with cars and drivers really putting on a show after having to run a hurry up show dodging rain the whole day. Practice and time trials kicked off the event Friday with East Freedom, Pa. driver Steve Kenawell taking the Tim Fraker Signs Fast Time award. Saturday brought the rain off and on all day and when a window of weather opened in the afternoon French Grimes made the call to start early to get it in with RaceSaver drivers coming from as far away as New York and Louisiana you have to try to get it in. After a roll in and warm ups rain was still sprinkling and the first of twin twenty five lap features was pushed off with Jerald Harris and Erin Statler on the front row. Statler was out first with Jerald Harris, Mark Watkins, Kody Lehman, Steve Kenawell right with her. The track was fast and passing for the lead became a real dog fight with all three lines working great. Watkins and Harris blasted for the front with Kody Lehman getting a run bringing Kenawell by Statler to join the pack. Harris got high with Lehman getting by on lap fifteen setting off for Watkins and the lead. Lap twenty came and Jerald Harris went high and blasted around the top and back to the the lead. Harris stayed fast as Lehman and Kenawell got under Watkins but next lap around in turn two four wide was too much and when it was over Kody Lehman and Mike Leraas were in the pits and Steve Kenawell was in the rear after restarting. Harris took off again with Watkins on him but it was not too be as Jerald Harris flashed under the waving checkered flag. At the line it was Jerald Harris, Mark Watkins, Neil McCarl, Tom Humphries, Satch Worley, Erin Statler, John Matrafailo, Johnny Petrozelle, Dan Hennessy, Ryan Lynn, Brian Lawson, Steve Kenawell, Charlie Ware, Scott Vasbinder, Anthony Linkenhoker, Daren Bolac, Kody Lehman, Mike Leraas, Greg Bartchey, Carl Simmonds, Chris Ware, Chad Worrell, Tracy Graves, Nicole Walker, Robbie Bartchey, Ron Moyers and Glenn Worrell.
The second feature started with all cars but one that had a mechanical failure with a front row of Anthony Linkenhoker and Scott Vasbinder with Linkenhoker out first being joined right away by Kenawell, Lehman, Humphries, Watkins as the action was fast and furious. Kenawell got to the point with Watkins, Bolac and Lehman in tow. Halfway was shown and Watkins took over but Bolac was making a top side charge picking off cars and was out front on lap seventeen leaving the others to battle for second. Lehamn made a great run and got by Kenawell but his great run would come up short as Bolac shot under the checkers to cap off two great races on a fast smooth perfect clay race track. At the line first Daren Bolac, Kody Lehman, Steve Kenawell, Tom Humphries, John Matrafailo, Johnny Petrozelle, Brian Lawson, Mike Leraas, Satch Worley, Chad Worrell, Anthony Linkenhoker, Erin Statler, Jerald Harris, Robbie Bartchy, Charlie Ware, Greg Bartchey, Carl Simmonds, Scott Vasbinder, Mark Watkins, Dan Hennessy, Nicole Walker, Chris Ware, Neil McCarl, Ryan Lynn, Ron Moyers, Tracy Graves and Glenn Worrell.
RaceSaver Sprint Series would like to thank everybody from racers, sponsor, track workers and the teams that made this fourtenth annual RaceSaver Nationals a great event when not working as a team could have ended in a rain out with no racing.
Time trial results were Steve Kenawell, Johnny Petrozelle, John Matrafailo, Dan Hennessy, Tom Humphries, Mark Watkins, Kody Lehman, Mike Leraas, Erin Statler, Jerald Harris, Nichole Walker, Neil McCarl, Brian Lawson, Robbie Bartchey, Ryan Lynn, Satch Worley, Daren Bolac, Chad Worrell, Anthony Linkenhoker, Glenn Worrell, Carl Simmonds, Chris Ware, Greg Bartchey, Charlie Ware, Scott Vasbinder, Tracy Graves and Ron Moyers.
The next event for the Virginia Sprint Series will be on Saturday June 15th at Eastside Speedway in Waynesboro, Va.
Thank you for support Jim Haines Virginia Sprint Series
RaceSaver Sprint Series
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