Logan Wagner repeats at PortNewsPhoto

One-time 2013 winner Eric Parker trailed leader Rick Homan for the first eight laps of the 305 sprint main before taking over.

But all eyes were on 12th starter Logan Wagner who was already up to fourth on the first lap with his sights set on another win at the track.

The 25-lap event was a non-stop affair but it only took Wagner 15 laps to get the lead and once in front begin driving away from Parker.

Then it was brother Mike Wagner II., who worked on his advancement, getting by Parker for second late in the event.

Parker was relegated to third at the finish followed by Jason Bergstresser and Jeff Miller Jr.

Sixth through 10th went to George Riden, Andrew Hake, Jake Waters, Tyler Bear and Scott Ellerman.

Heats for the 37-car field went to Hake, Bear, Miller and Logan Wagner with Kody Lehman copping the consolations.

305 sprints, 25 laps, 37 entries: 1. Logan Wagner, 2. Mike Wagner, II., 3. Eric Parker,4. Jason Bergstresser, 5. Jeff Miller Jr. 6. George Riden, 7. Andrew Hake, 8. Jake Waters, 9. Tyler Bear, 10. Scott Ellerman, 11. Rick Homan, 12. Mark Watkins, 13. Steve Kennewell, 14. Paul Snyder, 15. Cody Lehman, 16. John Braim, 17. George Loux, 18. Craig Myers, 19. Matt Mountz, 20. Reed Thompson, 21. Sean Kirkpatrick, 22. Anthony Fiore, 23. Nathan Gramley, 24. Brock Bilger

DNQ: Erin Statler, Ryan Lynn, Zach Newlin, Jack Thornton, Cory Myers, Brandon Hetrick, Lance Newlin, Randy Kaylor, Ian Detweiler, Russell Hammaker, Brian Sweitzer, Jim Kennedy, Roger Irvine


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