Mike Wagner wins inaugural visit to SelinsgroveNewsPhoto

Polesitter Freddie Rahmer pulled into the early lead at the start of the 305 sprint car feature until fourth-place starter Mike Wagner took over the front spot at the completion of the first lap. On the fourth circuit, second-place starter John Braim passed Rahmer for the runner up position.
At the halfway point, third-place starter Logan Wagner drove into the second position and set his sites on his brother at the front of the pack. A flip by George Riden in turn four brought out the red flag on lap 10. Riden was not injured in the crash.
When the race resumed, the Wagner brothers chased each other around the big half-mile with Rahmer eventually working his way back into the third position. The race was stopped again on lap 19 when George Loux flipped between turns three and four. Loux escaped injury.
L. Wagner made a last-ditch effort to get by M. Wagner in turns one and two on the last restart but couldn’t pull off a pass. At the finish, M. Wagner was victorious over Rahmer, Anthony Fiore, and Tyler Bear.

31 Entries 20-Lap A-Main: 1) 55 Mike Wagner II 2) 7W Logan Wagner 3) 51 Freddie Rahmer 4) 91 Anthony Fiore 5) 25 Tyler Bear 6) 44 John Braim 7) 17M Phil Meisner 8) 47K Kody Lehman 9) 36 Mark Watkins 10) 22K Mike Koehler 11) 23 Nathan Grawley 12) 39 Eric Parker 13) 9 Dalton Dietrick 14) 66 Gary Zimmerman 15) 44G Scott Gobrecht 16) 5T Tyler Reeser 17) 48G George Loux 18) 8D Scott Ellerman 19) 8 Randy Kaylor 20) 35B Derrick Bowersox 21) 26V Sean Kirkpatrick 22) 26 Ryan Lynn 23) 88 Brandon Rahmer 24) 10X Jake Waters 25) 99 George Riden 26) 4B Jason Bergstresser Heat Winners: Mike Wagner II, Logan Wagner, John Braim, Freddie Rahmer B-Main Winner: Tyler Reeser


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