Zack Newlin claims first PASS winNewsPhoto

Kody Lehman and Zack Newlin started on the front row of the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint feature and Lehman took the lead at the drop of the green. Newlin stayed right with Lehman while the leaders pulled away from Logan Wagner in third. Lehman and Newman were both running the low groove when Lehman hesitated just a moment when he caught up to a slower car. That moment of hesitation gave Newlin his chance and he
took control with an inside move as they raced down the backstretch.
Newlin ran the last three laps to perfection, leading by three car lengths at the end. The win is the first for Newlin in the PASS 305 Sprints and comes in only his sixth start in the series. Following Lehman across the line it was Logan Wagner, Tyler Reeser, and Mike Wagner. Mike and Logan Wagner were the heat race winners.

PASS 305 Sprint: 1.Zack Newlin (Millerstown, PA), 2.Kody Lehman, 3.Logan Wagner, 4.Tyler Reeser, 5.Mike Wagner, 6.Craig Myers, 7.Eric Parker, 8.Jim Kennedy, 9.Lance Newlin, 10.Eric Mathiot, 11.Gary Zimmerman, 12.Brett Hockenberry Lap Leaders: Kody Lehman (1-16), Zack Newlin (17-20)
Heats: Mike Wagner, Logan Wagner


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