Ritchie Fitz again at Path ValleyNewsPhoto

Richie Fitz, of Crystal Spring, PA, started on the pole and backed up his win from last Friday night in dominating fashion. The event was halted three times for racers getting upside down. Wes Zimmerman rolled over once in turn three after contact with Mike Wagner. The worse appearing incident occurred on lap seven when Jason Morrison clipped the right rear of a car he was trying to lap and slammed hard into the outside fence in turns one and two. Morrison avoided serious injury, but the car appeared to be a total loss. The final incident looked very similar to the second one, as George Riden was attempting a move to the outside he clipped the right rear of Tim Damiani and was sent hard into the outside fence in turn two. Once again, the driver escaped serious harm, but the car was badly damaged. Randy Kaylor ran a strong second, but was nearly a full straightaway behind at the checkers. Wagner, Damiani, and Michael Heckman completed the top five. Fitz also won a heat race, along with Mike Freet.

305 Sprint: Richie Fitz (1), Randy Kaylor, Mike Wagner, Tim Damiani, Michael Heckman, Mike Freet, Mike Alleman, Dale Thomas, Craig Robinson, Jeff Sell, George Riden, Jason Morrison, Wes Zimmerman DNS: Ryan Hansen Heats: Freet, Fitz


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