Wagner wins again at SSPNewsPhoto

In the PA Sprint Series 20-lap feature event, Logan Wager led the first lap, the last lap and all laps in between. Kody Lehman stalked Wagner but could not get close enough in lapped traffic and settled for second. Dalton Dietrich finished in third with Tyler Reeser in fourth. After being involved in a first lap caution, Mike Wagner II came from the back to finish fifth at the end. Mark Watkins, Mike Wagner II and Lehman were the heat race winners. Andrew Hake won the consolation race.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Kody Lehman; 3. Dalton Dietrich; 4. Tyler Reeser; 5. Mike Wagner II; 6. Freddie Rahmer; 7. Josh Braim; 8. Brandon Rahmer; 9. Mark Watkins; 10. Anthony Fiore; 11. Lance Newlin; 12. Zac Newlin; 13. Craig Myers; 14. Erin Statler; 15. Tyler Lebo; 16. Reed Thompson; 17. Randy Kaylor; 18. Ian Detweiler; 19. Cory Myers; 20. Brandon Hetrick; 21. Scott Gobrecht; 22. Andrew Hake; 23. Scott Ellerman; 24. Billy Ney; DNQ – Brock Bigler; Russell Hammaker; Jason Bergstresser; Erin Parker.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: L. Wagner (1-20).
HEAT RACE WINNER: Watkins, M. Wagner II and Lehman.


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