Jeff Miller claims Port VictoryNewsPhoto

The 305-sprint feature was marred by a violent multi-car crash including several flipping cars on the frontstretch when the initial green flag unfurled.

After a lengthy delay to clean up the accident scene, Jeff Miller Jr., whose father scored a late model win at the track earlier this season, took the lead.

Miller was trailed by Scott Ellerman when the races first caution flag flew with five laps down while Logan Wagner was sitting third.

Wagner took second on the restart and over the remaining distance he threw every trick he had in his book at Miller for the lead, passing him several times as the pair exchanged entertaining slide jobs but each time Miller would drive back into the lead.

Miller’s No. 57 was just too strong through the slick middle groove for Wagner’s ragged outside line to pay off in the end.

Following the pair across the line was Ellerman, Jason Bergstresser and Anthony Fiore.

Sixth through 10th went to Kody Lehman, Tyler Reefer, Randy Kaylor, Nathan Gramley and Ron Aurand.

Heats for the 28-car field went to Ellerman, Bergstresser and Miller.
305 sprints, 20 laps, 28 entries: 1. Jeff Miller Jr., 2. Logan Wagner, 3. Scott Ellerman, 4. Jason Bergstresser, 5. Anthony Fiore, 6. Cody Lehman, 7. Tyler Reefer, 8. Randy Kaylor, 9. Nathan Gramley, 10. Ron Aurand, 11. Erin Statler, 12. Colby Dice, 13. Donny Hendershot, 14. Branden Hetrick, 15. Jim Kennedy, 16. Mark Watkins, 17. Paul Snyder, 18. Tyler Bear, 19. John Braim, 20. Ryan Lynn, 21. Steve Kennawell, 22. Eric Parker, 23. Gary Zimmerman, 24. Brock Bilger, 25. Scott Gobrecht

DNQ. Jake Waters, Lance Newlin, Mike Wagner II.


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