Wagner wins SSP July 3rdNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature event, Scott Ellerman took the top spot from his 3rd place starting spot and began to set the pace with Billy Ney in tow. Meanwhile, Logan Wagner began to move his way through the pack from his 9th place starting spot. By lap five, he found himself in the runner-up spot and doing everything he could to get by the leader with his brother Mike Wagner II close behind in third. Finally on a lap 18 restart. Logan Wagner took the top spot on a slider going into turn one. Ellerman did not give up but came up short at the end. Wagner took the win over Ellerman and Kody Lehman who made a late race charge for the win. Mike Wagner II and Mark Watkins finished in the fourth and fifth place postions. Logan Wagner, John Braim and Jason Bergstresser were the heat race winners. Eric Parker won the consolation race.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Scott Ellerman; 3. Kody Lehman; 4. Mike Wagner II; 5. Mark Watkins; 6. Eric Parker; 7. Billy Ney; 8. Jason Bergstresser; 9. John Braim; 10. Colby Dice; 11. Craig Myers; 12. Steve Kenawell; 13. Randy Kaylor; 14. Reed Thompson; 15. Dalton Dietrich; 16. Tyler Lebo; 17. Anthony Fiore; 18. Andrew Hake; 19. Russell Hammaker; 20. Matt Heimbach; 21. Cory Myers; 22. George Riden; 23. Erin Statler; 24. Derrick Bowersox; DNQ – Scott Gobrecht; Donnie Hendershot; Ryan Lynn.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Ellerman (1-17); L. Wagner (18-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: L. Wagner; Braim and Bergstresser.


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