Ellerman wins at Path ValleyNewsPhoto

Alex Schanz and Scott Ellerman started first and second in the 305 Sprint feature and were still running that way when they caught up to slower traffic mid-way thru the twenty lap feature. On lap twelve Schanz got held up for just a moment and Ellerman seized the opportunity, diving to the inside and into the lead. Two laps later the only break in the action came when Cory Myers rolled on to his side, bringing out the red flag. That gave Ellerman a clear track for the restart and he kept Schanz a few car lengths behind to claim his first win since rejoining the 305 Sprints. Following Schanz across the line was Ryan Lynn, Zack Newlin, and Eric Parker. Ellerman and Schanz also won the heat races.

305 Sprint: 1.Scott Ellerman (Landisburg, PA), 2.Alex Schanz, 3.Ryan Lynn, 4.Zack Newlin, 5.Eric Parker, 6.Kody Lehman, 7.Marcus Defreitas, 8.Jim Kennedy, 9.Tyler Reeser, 10.Todd Lynn, 11.Eric Mathiot, 12.John Baker, 13.Lance Newlin, 14.Cory Myers, 15.Steve Kenawell, 16.Craig Myers Lap Leaders: Alex Schanz (1-11), Scott Ellerman (12-20)
Heats: Scott Ellerman, Alex Schanz


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