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With very few races remaining Logan Wagner has the championship all sewn up. Racers need only run 10% of the races to be eligible and with the current count at 7 races and the top number not expected to exceed 9 wins Wagner's average cannot be topped.

The race for 2nd on back is getting pretty close as teams with the minimum requirement are closely contested. Kody Lehman seems comfortable in second but a win or a good finish from many of the top contenders can change that picture. Also as races are completed the 10% requirement goes up to 8 which could factor in a finish that could hurt or help the standings of top teams.

Visit our Schedule page for a full list of the average finished of all the top teams. You can also see the finishes,planned races and news for each of your favorite teams by clicking their link in the teams page.

This years Standings are sponsored by Panchos, Wee Bee and Tool Shed.


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