Wagner takes win & track title at SSPNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature race, Eric Parker took the lead at the start and set the pace. Trailed closely by Logan Wagner, he put heavy pressure on the leader as they entered lapped traffic midway through the race. With five to go, Parker put a couple of lapped cars between him and Wagner. On the next circuit, Parker spun as he was trying to pass two lapped cars, giving the lead to Wagner. On the restart, Wagner never looked back and went on to win his fourth of the season. “Rim-riding” George Riden came across the line in second, followed by Kody Lehman. Roger Irvine and Colby Dice finished fourth and fifth respectively. Donnie Hendershot, Phil Meisner and Rider were the heat race victors. Brock Bilger took the consolation race checkers.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. George Riden; 3. Kody Lehman; 4. Roger Irvine; 5. Colby Dice; 6. Mark Watkins; 7. Freddie Rahmer; 8. Mike Wagner; 9. Steve Kenawall; 10. Phil Meisner; 11. Russell Hammaker; 12. Ryan Lynn; 13. Anthony Figore; 14. Andrew Hake; 15. Brock Bilger; 16. Donnie Hendershot; 17. Tyler Lebo; 18. Ken Duke; 19. Tyler Reeser; 20. Dalton Dietrich; 21. Eric Parker; 22. Ian Detweiler; 23. Alex Schanz; 24. Scott Ellerman; DNQ – Erin Statler; Reed Thompson; Mark Fasnacht; Jim Kennedy.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Parker (1-15); Wagner (16-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Hendershot; Riden and Meisner.


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