Wagner wins SSP interregional - KRC QualifierNewsPhoto

Weather bumped the Susquehanna Speedway Park interregional to Sunday but fans enjoyed an outstanding race with excellent showings by PASS and Visiting RaceSaver teams.

Andrew Hake started on the pole and led the field to lap one with Ryan Stillwagon in tow. Stillwagon pressured Hake until lap 8 when Stillwagon was able to scoot by Hake. Hake did not drop back and was able to regain the top spot five laps later on the 12th circuit. Meanwhile, 9th place starter Logan Wagner made his way up to third. Matt Mountz made it a four car battle one lap later. Wagner took the runner-up spot on lap 15 behind Hake. On lap 18, Wagner took the lead in turn 1 & 2 on lap 18 and never looked back as he made his way through heavy lapped traffic. Wagner took his fifth checkered of the season with Stillwagon settling on second. Matt Mountz finished strong in third with Andrew Hake in fourth. Adam Carberry came from a 20th starting spot to round out the top five. Heat race wins went to the Colby Dice and brothers Logan and Mike Wagner. Roger Irvine won the consolation race.

Wagner earned a guaranteed spot in October Keystone RaceSaver Classic main event to be held Saturday October 12th. Wagner will receive his 2013 Series champion trophy the night before the big race as part of the 2 day Blue Collar Classic weekend at Port Royal.

PA Sprint Series Feature (25 laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Ryan Stillwagon; 3. Matt Mountz; 4. Andrew Hake; 5. Adam Carberry; 6. John Braim; 7. Russell Hammaker; 8. Jason Bergstresser; 9. Phil Meisner; 10. Mark Watkins; 11. Kody Lehman; 12. Colby Dice; 13. Anthony Fiore; 14. Ian Detweiler; 15. Steve Kenawell; 16. Alex Schanz; 17. Roger Irvine; 18. Lance Newlin; 19. Brock Bilger; 20. Tyler Reeser; 21. Eric Parker; 22. Dalton Dietrich; 23. Mike Wagner; 24. George Riden; DNQ – Rod Ort; Jonathan Walchalk; Eric Statler; John Bott; Freddie Rahmer.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Hake (1-7; 13-17); Stillwagon (8-12); L. Wagner (18-25).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: L. Wagner; M. Wagner and Dice.
CONSOLATION WINNER: Irvine (New Track Record 3:04.04 – 10 laps).


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