Schantz picks up first PASS winNewsPhoto

Alex Schanz picked a great time to score his first win in the PASS
305 Sprint feature. The box score will show that Schanz started first and led every lap for the $750 win. That is he was leading every lap at the finish line. Logan Wagner found the high groove to his liking and came from starting second to fifth on lap eleven. Schanz was leading running the bottom and Wagner trying to reel him in running the top. A restart on lap twenty closed the gap and gave Wagner a chance at the lead. For three consecutive laps Wagner tried diving to the inside of Schanz as they entered turn three. Each time Wagner would slide up just high enough to allow Schanz to make the “cross
over” move, going back by Wagner on the inside exiting turn four.
After the last attempt Schanz was able to pull away far enough to keep Wagner from trying again and they came across the finish line first and second. Tyler Bear earned the Hard Charger award by starting fifteenth and finishing third. Andrew Hake finished in fourth and Eric Parker fifth.

PASS 305 Sprint: 1.Alex Schanz (Manheim, PA), 2.Logan Wagner, 3.Tyler Bear, 4.Andrew Hake, 5.Eric Parker, 6.Mike Wagner, 7.Nathan Gramley, 8.Zack Newlin, 9.Lance Newlin, 10.Marcus Defreitas, 11.Joe David, 12.Ken Duke, 13.John Braim, 14.George Riden, 15.Jonathan Wanchalk,
16.John Baker, 17.Tyler Reeser, 18.Russ Hammaker DNS: Scott Ellerman
Lap Leaders: Alex Schanz (1-30)
Heats: Alex Schanz, Andrew Hake
Hard Charger: Tyler Bear (15th to 3rd)
Hard Luck: Russ Hammaker


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