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Registrations continue to come in as teams prepare for the Blue Collar Classic this weekend. With teams traveling big distances we'll keep everyone posted here as frequently as possible. There is concern for weather Friday so track officials tell us they will make a decision around noon to give teams adequate notice while doing everything possible to stay with our plan.

There is NO possibility of a Sunday rain date so teams can eliminate that from their lodging considerations etc, also with multiple races schedule for regions on the 19th we're really hoping to make the race this weekend.

We're optimistic!

More info teams have asked about:

You can leave your trailers in the pits overnight if you are staying locally but work with officials and other teams to avoid "park-in" situation. This is a low budget deal don't expect the facility to be crawling with security but Port Royal is a race-friendly community.

Goshhorn will be supplying tires at the track, their phone is 717-446-3354 if you need to make sure they have something for you.


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