Dice wins SSP FinaleNewsPhoto

Colby Dice grabbed the lead from outside the front row at the start of the 20-lap PA Sprint Car feature. As Dice set the pace at the front, polesitter Zach Newlin kept pace with the leader. Newlin retired from the race on lap 15, giving the runner-up spot to Eric Parker. Over the final five circuits, Parker was unable to make the winning pass as Dice won by 10 car lengths over Parker at the end. Tyler Reeser finished in third with Randy Kaylor coming across the line in fourth. Derrick Bowersox rounded out the top five. Newlin, Dice and Statler won their respective heat races.

Randy Kaylor and Tyler Reeser each picked up $100 random bonus cash provided by Clair Wintermyer

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Colby Dice; 2. Eric Parker; 3. Tyler Reeser; 4. Randy Kaylor; 5. Derrick Bowersox; 6. Ken Duke; 7. Tyler Lebo; 8. Lance Newlin; 9. Dalton Dietrich; 10. Jimmy Strausbaugh; 11. Russell Hammaker; 12. Hunter McCracken; 13. Brandt Cook; 14. Sean Kirkpatrick; 15. Zach Newlin; 16. Steve Storrie; 17. John Bordlemay; 18. Anthony Fiore; 19. David Guss Jr.; 20. Stepahnie Stevens; 21. Erin Statler; 22. Mike Wagner II; 23. Paul Snyder; 24. John Bott; DNS – Mark Watkins; Cory Thornton.
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Z. Newlin; Dice and Statler


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