Rare 3 (or 4) day weekend wrap upNewsPhoto

Hats off to Zach Newlin, Bill Jones and Erin Statler who made all 3 races this weekend. The beautiful weather gave us 3 (actually 4) nights of racing but this grueling schedule took it's toll on our budget racers.

This is only the second time since 2008 that we've actually completed 3 races in a row and it was hard on overall car counts. We had 23 cars at the Grove, 27 at Port Royal and 11 at Selinsgrove

In 2010 we ran 3 consecutive races and at SSP (14 cars), Clinton County (10 cars) and Port Royal (24 cars)

When you consider that TSRS had races Friday and Sunday and Laurel Highlands ran Dog Hollow on Friday and Bedford on Monday our car counts were pretty good! Thanks to all of our amazing teams for getting out to whatever races they could, that's all we ever ask!


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