The following benefits define RaceSaver(r) racing.

This is not a lower class or a gateway series, it's recreational racing. Sprint cars for those that otherwise could not afford to race and those who respect our objective.

Affordability -

RaceSaver(r) rules are designed to ensure that adequate parts to maintain an engine for several years at a very affordable cost. Chassis rules allow that used parts and new parts are available and competitive. Our purse is structured to reward all that can race, Front loaded purses help ensure that the rich don't get richer while the teams that struggle go broke.


Invitations are issued to teams within our regions. By having racers manage the rules and purse we are held accountable to our goal to keep costs low without rewarding spending. Teams are held accountable for their driving and conduct regardless of their status or popularity. Racers in our series hold each other accountable to respect each other on the track and in the pits.


Our series is structured with a focus on recreational racing. Teams can expect a competitive race and realize their dream to drive a sprint car without the pressure of handicapping by points and expectations from sponsors to "finish in the money"


With the advent of IMCA sanctioning PASS teams and volunteers benefit from the supplemental insurance benefis provided by IMCA memebership. Additionally they now can compete in national points (if they want) by running just 20 races.

Tracks can host an affordable series and trust that we're not trying to replace their Premier Series divisions but rather we're giving a home to the occassional racer and the teams that are testing the waters. We're building sprint car racing, we're not changing it.