Why the interview?

We have been an invitation only series since our inception. as we get more popular this becomes even more important, Why?

All the old reasons still apply. We're making sure you have read the rules. We want to meet you and make sure you understand the procedures. This is a huge investment for most people. Accountability goes beyond just technical rules, We have regional and national rules that we must comply with. We want to meet you, make sure you are paying attention to what we're doing and finally we want to have you sign a waiver (in person) as we are volunteers in a dangerous sport, you need to understand that.

Here are some of the items we'll make sure you know at your interview.

  1. Do you know you have to weigh your crank before you interview? (you won't be happy if you show up for the and need to disassenble your engine)
  2. One head must be removed (for purposes of consistency all engines are done at the same location which is reasonable travel from most of our tracks)
  3. Do you know the purse?
  4. Things don't change. teams that have registered with us expect things to be consistent (mostly for cost but also for competitive reasons) we want you to be sure your ok with our structure because we plan to be as consistent as possible for your sake and our existing teams.
  5. Have you read our waiver? This waiver is updated annually and on an ongoing basis communicated through our teams, we have you sign the current waiver so we're sure you have read it.

Don't you want more teams?

In Central PA we're fat with sprint car racing. as we draw more and more cars we have the possibility of upsetting the balance locally. Even though we may have the reputation of being picky about our invitations we have never turned away a racer in our local region and we currently have one of the highest number of active participants.

As more teams come to our series we are in danger of upsetting the balance, we don't want our tracks to feel that we are stealing competitors to have them race elsewhere. we're filling a niche. If you can afford a 358/360 or a 410 we want you to keep racing and supporting the premier divisions, if you are considering a career in sprints, or if you have a dream of racing a sprint or you just can't afford a car in a premier division we're probably the best fit.

I run another RaceSaver Region why can't I race with you!

You can. Our schedule includes interregional races and in certain instances we allow participation from outside regions but primarily RaceSaver is a regional series designed for recreational racers that can't afford a lot of travel.

But other regions don't care

Each region controls their own participation and most other areas don't have to deal with the consideration of other series as we do, they simply need to build car counts the same way we did in the early days. By allowing teams from other regions to travel to our races we can affect their ability to build a strong schedule and loyaly to their events. Even if teams travel on an open date they could crash or have problems that make them miss races in their region.

Another region has a race 15 minutes from my house!

Each region schedules their own races and as our participation grows these issues arise, basically we handle these issues on a case by case basis depending on the region, seniority with our series and whether we have an open date. We want our teams to support our region and keep our tracks happy, we expect other regions to schedule in their own area and when we have overlap we work it out as best we can.

Can 358/360 or 410 racers race in the series?

They can interview and we're happy to talk with them. Our racers are recreational and we make an environment where they can show up at any time and race we don't handicap (except rookies and other reasonable issues) Most of our teams run less than 10 races per year and we typically have good car counts, all of our tracks are happy. If someone has a car and can afford to race in the other divisions our question will be why would you want to potentially want to take a position from these guys? It may seem fun and popular for racers from the premier divisions to race with us but our competition is so close it's often difficult for our drivers to qualify. We've managed to grow our series and maintain a 30+ race schedule each year with the participation of other drivers why would we encourage it now?

But some of your drivers run in other divisions

Some of our drivers are fortunate to have opportunities in other divisions, we're somewhat flexible with this policy especially if you've been with us a long time and are a frequent competitor. If drivers take these opportunities on a night we are scheduled they are handicapped to the rear upon their return in fairness to the other teams. We spell this out and communicate it to our teams in our exclusive team section.